Tuesday, June 30, 2015


 Clara beauty has turned 8! A big step. I was so excited that she would be baptized in the same dress all my sisters, girl cousins and I was baptized in. It is so nice to have lovely traditions that link us to people we love. She had a lot of support from our wonderful ward and family. I know most everyone had a drive to get here but our whole family appreciates the company and effort. It was certainly memorable. Clara said that she felt weird and shaky after she was baptized. I know a load came off her because she was instantly more cheery. Aunt Rhonda gave her a lovely necklace and Grandma and Grandpa Anderson gave her a scripture set of her very own. It was a very nice day. I am so glad that Clara is mine. She is a fun example and I am so glad that she has taken her first public step in her spiritual growth. I know she will continue to grow in the truthfulness of the gospel.

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