Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day Two

 Yellowstone was of course, amazing. John loved seeing Old Faithful and everyone loved the ice cream. After a hot nice day of seeing the geysers and pots the kids waded/swam in the river. It was pleasantly warm compared to river the day before. We saw 38 different license plates and heard lots of different languages. I tried to come away with a rock but my conscious got the best of me. The last photo was taken by the husband of Kathy. They were friendly strangers from Florida. It was a fun trip! It wouldn't have been the same without our good friends. Thanks for all the great and memorable times!


Jaime said...

AH! Sooooo glad we got that last one of all of us. :) That really was the finishing touch and we should always make sure to do that. :) So, when is our next trip???

Sally said...