Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Craters of the Moon

It has always been a lifelong dream of mine to go into space and walk on the moon. Today I did not make it to the moon. I did the next best thing. I went to Craters of the Moon National Monument! We went in a cave and walked on an active volcano. It was so fun. Kelly took the first photo. I think it is excellent. I am even in it! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Madelyn Grace

 I have had a good time looking at this darling girls mouth. I am sure you can see why. Also, I adore the finger in the ear. Congrats to Jaime and Tyler on the birth of this beautiful girl.


I am thankful to be a part of the Anderson Family. They are smart, hard workers, excellent singers and dedicated to the Church. We had good food and good conversation. I loved it. The photo of Margaret looking at Aunt Non and Aunt Julie is funny. Isn't Lucy darling in the last photo!?

Warm Blanket

 These photos of Margaret remind me of these other photos I took of John. They are about the same age. Rolling around and sucking on toes. John had a blue blanket like this pink one. He calls it his cold blanket. When Margaret got this one he named it "Warm Blanket."
This is the age where things are starting to go well. She will sit with a basket of toys and have a grand time. She stays where I put her and bounces her legs when I come into the room. I am happy to report that Monday her eyes completely cleared up. Just in time too. She was about to get tubes put in. Margaret has such a nice little personality. Mellow and happy.



I Voted For Mitt

It was the time for a man and he was a man for the time. Is that how that song goes from "The One and Only Original Family Band?" He was by far the best for the job. We are disappointed in the country. Proud of Mitt.

Remarks on Margaret

Margaret's so good a picking up food. We started her on the Gerber puffs but it wasn't long before she was good enough for Cherrieos. The dimples on her hands are delightful.
Her favorite mobile by far was the bell on a ribbon. I was amazed with how well she could control the bell. I noticed she could stop it and swing it at will and she could grab it enough to try to get it in her mouth.
There have been two times now that I have had to save Margaret. John's desire to make her cozy in every blanket he has access to is funny to see. I am glad that he remembers the rule that we don't cover her face. :)


We had a fun day. Clara was a ballerina and we saw her walk in her school parade. John was a bear during the day then switched to a spider in the evening. He went to the library activity and the park. Margaret was the pumpkin that Clara and John have both been for there first Halloween. After we picked Clara up from school we carved pumpkins and headed off for the Trunk or Treat. They got a good load that we are still finishing. I use there Halloween candy as a sharing exercise every day. I really think food is a good way to practice sharing. We got some Trick or Treat-ers. Before bed I recited Little Orphan Annie. Good day, fun memories. 

Riding Lessons

 For the past five Fridays we have been heading out by Grandma's and Grandpa's for riding lessons. I wanted them to have fun and to get comfortable dealing with horses. I shouldn't have even doubted that John would take to them. He loves animals. Buttermilk would sniff him and nuzzle him and he just loved it. He would really look forward to it every week. I was also pleased with the progress that Clara made. It is fun for me to have other people notice how fast she picks things up. She can ride with no hands already and even loped for a few seconds on her own. I wish we could do it all winter but it is no fun to ride a wet horse in the snowy wind. We will pick it back up in the spring when it is warmer and the ground is hard.

Some Love

It even has a broken heart.
I am thinking of printing this off and puting it on my wall for Valentines day.

Lots of White

Three pixaly photos of my three children.

I want to say something profound and wise about the experience of parenthood and motherhood. But alas! Everything I try to compose sounds preachy, cliché, condescending, hokey or could be misjudged. So in the sincerest of sentiment, with only love in my heart, I would like to say that I think parenthood will give a person a better perspective on love, sacrifice, and the world in general than any other experience you could have. No traveling, no career, no "freedom." Some people just want an easy life. You won't get an easy life by being a parent. You will get a perspective and experience that can cause amazement and wonder for the rest of your life.
I have deep respect for parents. I would choose a parents advice over an adult who has voluntarily opted out of parenthood. President David O McKay quoted, "No other success can compensate for failure in the home." I would argue that not even trying is complete failure. That is why I am a parent that tries every day. I am happy and I am better for it. I love being a parent!

Conference Weekend Party

 While the boys were at Priesthood session Aunt Brandy brought fun stuff. Face painting and supplies to make bows!
Samantha smiling for the photo. Maryn is sporting a Seaman tradition of love of Encinitas. John being uncooperative but memorable in the cousins photo.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


With a 8 year run Butterfly is full.
See me and my family at the sequel Valderi Valdera here!

Pysch!!! Madeline told me of a way to get around it. So, maybe we are in it for another 8 years? I will my a post on Valderi Valdera saying that Butterfly is back on bored and then I will delete that blog.