Sunday, April 17, 2011


We had a great flight. Clara and John were fascinated with the planes and the process that we were taking. John made friends with the man behind us. Clara had a good time looking out the window and coloring. I think the best part was the snack. Peanuts and ginger ale on planes is somehow just what I need.
I am so happy about the short Rembrandt lighting on Clara's face.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Magnola

I just love spring!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Playing in the Morning Light

I know the latter three look very similar but there were little things about each one that I liked too much not to post. Clara’s hair is glowing in the first one and the shadows are awesome. I include the next one because they are playing Ring-Around -The-Rosie and it is just cute when they do that. Then in that last one. When they “all fall down,” the reflection of Clara’s pants on John’s priceless face is amazing.

Curlers #2

When Clara was seven months old I put her hair in curlers for the first time. She has grown up but she still has her same divine nature. She still loves to be the show. Getting dressed up and taking pictures gets her so excited. Because of it I really have to work hard to get a natural expression and not goofy eyes or a strange smile. Often times I think I only get a good photograph of Clara because I take so many.

Moss Covered Bark in Flattened Grass

While up in Tacoma we spent some time with my good friend Julie. We went to the Port Defiance Zoo and it was pouring rain. I still had a marvelous time but wisely left my camera in my dry car. Thus there are no photographs of sharks, elephants, baby tigers, and jellyfish. I will post this one that I took at the ranch that Julie said her mom liked. Miss you tons Julie! I wish we could photograph together every day.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Because I Can.

Kelly says that this photo looks like anyone could take it. I see what he is saying and I agree. The fact is that I took it and I like it, so I am posting it because I can.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Frans SAM and Seattle

We had a great time in Seattle. I had never been to Frans before and it was tasty. Uncle Joe treated us and asked John if he liked the hot chocolate. He turned and said "Good!" right before I took the photo. I didn't even know he could say that word. The picture of the little girl is made out of chocolates. At the Seattle Art Museum we were impressed with the roll over display that they hung from the ceiling. John and Clara loved it. I loved it. We saw a Paul Revere piece of silver and had a Brit talk to us about Paul Revere and how "things change." I was impressed with how friendly the staff was and it was fun to have guards jump in and talk so freely. The family room was much needed for John's happiness. We ate at Pikes Place, and after some intense walking went up to the deck at Uncle Joe's firm and had a fantastic view of the needle and the harbor. Thanks Anita and Uncle Joe for a great day! We missed you Kelly.

Museum of Glass

While in Tacoma visiting my good friend Anita we went to the Museum of Glass. I thought it was a sign when the first piece we saw was of a broomstick from the Sorcerers Apprentice. We had listened to Dukas' music maybe 5 times on the drive up. John wasn't thrilled to sit in a stroller but was more than happy to run around in the puddles. Clara remembers watching them blow glass. Anita and Darwin seemed thrilled to be there. It seems like nothing could get them down.
An overcast rainy day combined with my DPI at 1600 made for blown out skies. The last photo reminds me of some M.C. Esher images (just kinda.)