Saturday, March 24, 2012

I have seen this view for approaching two years and have wanted to photograph it the entire time. The photo is sub par but I will try again.

Fluke Storm

Tuesday we woke up to a ton of snow (for Oregon.) Just about every other home on our street had a snowman and we contrubuted. What was fun too was that the snow stayed for about two days. It was wet and slushy but fun and different for spring.


In our ward we have a tulip farmer. It is so nice to go to church every sunday and see beautiful bouquets up on the stand. One week Sister Iverson gave me the bouquet she brought. They were the most unusal tulips I had ever seen. Wild and fun.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mo Willems is awesome in my book. We got hooked on his books when Tara read us We are in a Book. I highly recommend it. Clara loves reading them to John and John loves hearing them. It sure does make a parent pleased to see them sitting together sharing a book. Clara gets better at reading every day. She still guesses and misses words on occasion.
We have also been reading a lot of Berenstain Bear Books at the suggestion of Lauren. They have made a big difference in our home too. Ghost of the Forest is referred to at least 25 times a day and we read New Baby at the perfect time for Clara it be prepared for Margaret. All of them are good. We were sad to hear about Jan Berenstain passing away. Glad for her wonder influence in children's literature.

Bean Bag Fights

The toppled chairs are protection for Clara and John. Kelly is exposed so it is fun to see him get pelted by Clara's more acurate throwing. and John and Kelly are looking through there binoculars.