Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stink Bug

I thought this photo was really funny.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


When I started taking photos of her in the bathtub she was really boring. After a while she realized what I was doing and came alive. She made a lot of funny poses and really got going when she found the wash rag. She was whipping it around and splashing it in the water all crazy like.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Old Italy photos

I have been thinking a lot about the trip I took to Italy when I was a senior. Today I looked through my album that Mom and Dad made me and the black at white photos that I took. I enjoy thinking back on all the times Lauren and I stayed up late talking about how we wanted to go there and Dad showing his slides. It has been nice to think about the funny things that happened on that trip too. Like how in Pisa James kicked a panhandlers cup over and the money went all over and guy got all mad. At church Lauren saw people she knew from school. And how Dad and Maurizio were a Gospel spreading machine handing out pass along cards and talking to everyone. I think it is amazing how traveling can change your perspective and help you understand things you thought you knew but didn't really. It's like seeing the Grand Canyon and finally understanding how grand it really is.

The photos are grainy because I pushed them when developing.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Los Angels

We tried to take this trip the day of the earthquake (the 29th of July) but I basically got lost, traffic was really bad, and there was a motorcycle accident directly in front of us so we tried again on Monday. We had a good time walking around Grauman's Chinese Theatre, lunch at the Farmers Market and visiting the LA temple afterwords. At the theatre I thought It was interesting that my feet were tiny compared to Will Smith's, a little bigger the Gene Kelly's, and huge compared to Shirley Temple's. Fun to know that Will's is the 2nd most recent print and that Charlie Chaplin slab was removed from in front of the theatre in the 1950s, when accusations of communism turned the public opinion against him, and was moved to a family member's home in Eagle Rock and buried in the back yard. It is still there today. Crazy!
The farmers market is so fun. I wish I could eat at every booth. The temple looked beautiful and really big, unfortunately the visitors center was closed for remodel.
Kelly really was there. Sorry he is not pictured.