Saturday, April 24, 2010

Huntington Gardens

It was a lovely day at a lovely place. Anita and I had a great time taking it slow and visiting. I couldn't have done it without her. I was overwhelmed by the wealth that could create such a home and grounds and glad that I could visit. Also, I was surprised to find myself dressed to casual. Next time I will look polished and maybe wear a fun sun hat.

The last photo, when in black and white, looks like ribbons but I decided color helps you know what it is. The scale is distorted as well; it was a very large plant.


John is crawling. Clara is growing up and out of her pj's but still looks tiny in her bed. Days pass happily. I am happy to put them to bed, but also am happy when they wake up.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kelly's Birthday

If you ask me Kelly had a great birthday! He took Clara to Disneyland and rode all the little kid rides. Bought with his birthday money a Sleeping Beauty Fashion set for Clara. Came home and had dinner with the Evans. We ate ribs and the traditional blueberry pie, which were both disappointing. The ribs were tough and all fat, and the pie crust was too hard. The company was awesome. Way better then last year when I was out of town. I am still sorry about missing it.

Monday, April 19, 2010


The last photo was taken in tidy little Toquerville.


The First and scond photos are taken with the same camera, same lens, in the same month and in virtually the same postion just two years apart.

I was sorry to find the Grotto park area remodeled when we went this past Easter weekend. Instead of having a nice open area to run, throw the football, and gather in( as picnic areas are ment for) it was roped off into small single table units with gravel paths. The larger parts left to let the grass grow and little signs said "give plants a chance." Where we could once move the tables around to accommidate our large extended family, they had cemented the tables in so it is only useful to a group of eight or smaller. Where we have had our egg rolls, they had flattened out the ground and put logs to discourage explorers.

I love nature. I believe in engaging with the landscape. As a child we would play in the water, squish mud between our toes, slip down moss covered rock waterfalls, climb bloulders and play in the gorgous red dirt. It makes me unhappy when I see that only the wealthy (you can take a car in if you stay at the pricey lodge) or childless people are able to enjoy the park like i remember enjoying it. It is a hassle getting into the park because of the trams. They simple don't accommodate demand. they are either empty or packed and you wait forever in both cases. Zion is my park and I have an intimate opinion about how they manage and run it. You might too. They need feedback! Go here and write a quick comment.

But like I said in a previous post about how curves were thrown in. Federal management aside, God made Zion and they did not ruin the splendor and magnificence of the cliffs or the spiritual nature of being in a certain place at a certain time. To have beautiful monuments named after people and things in the gospel adds another layer of meaning to the expirience. There is no place like it.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Cracked eggs

Clara, Misha and I dyed eggs together. Many of the eggs didn't even make it out of the dye before they got cracked. I showed them how it worked and the whole batch was done in two minutes. You should have heard the ooh when I pulled out the first egg. They loved it. I can't wait till next year!

Monday, April 05, 2010


We had a great time as always. We had the picnic with taco salad and the Easter bunny cookies. We had an Egg hunt and an egg roll down the gorgeous red sand. Clara's attention was grabbed when I told her about the crying rock (Weeping Rock), "It was so so sad." We walked down the narrows to the poly wog pond. Even though curves were thrown in I couldn't be happier about the day.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

More photos of Grandma's home

To add to the collection. I love my Grandmas home. It has a great lay out. The living room can be arranged to have an intimate conversation or fit all my extended family. The hall takes you any where you want to go. The built-in's in the bedrooms are awesome. The downstairs still scares me and everyone I know. Some things have there place and others float around and get changed every time you come. It is always decorated for the season. It evolves and is eclectic. Values are taught in this house. Family, love, music, Gospel, family, patriotism, leadership, family, beauty, and a love of nature and people. People come hungry and go fed and rested. It has been the only house that has remained a part of my whole life. It has always been there. But overall, everything that it is, is because of what my Grandma has made it to be. I love the home because I love my Grandma.