Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stink Bug Number Two

Real life is awesome! I couldn't have set this up any better. I love the age John is at. I could hug and kiss John every second. This is the link to the picture of Clara doing hers.

Fairy Twirls

I know I know. I am showing you black and white photos with the color brought back on one little area. I am fully aware that it is really cheesey. What can I say? I am cheesey and I love seeing little girls twirl in skirts and dresses. Robin had the wonderful idea of making the skirts together. Lets do it again!


The Bishop invited us over to swim in the Santiam River. We ate hotdogs and s'mores. It was beautiful and we all had a good time playing and getting to know there family. Clara really liked playing with all the boys.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Salem Lamp Post

This is located by the Willamette River and the Children's museum in Salem.

Friday, July 23, 2010

99 Red

Balloons can make a difference in my children's day!

Mona Lisa Smile

At the Da Vinci Days in Corvallis. These photos crack me up.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Agate Beach

Having a second car has really made a difference in what we can do during the day. I feel like in the last month I have made up for going three years without one. It has been so fun. Yesterday we went down to Agate Beach in New Port. We flew kites and ate at Moe's. It was so fun to have Madeline and Evie in the car. We didn't stop gabbing the whole time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

White Wildflower

I think this looks like a lace doiley just like this Sea Urchin.


Clara Ballerina

The way we got Clara excited about coming up to Oregon was I told her that she would get to take ballet lessons when she got here. She really took hold of it and got really excited. During the trip up she keep asking if we were in Oregon. When we had unpacked she said "Are we in oregon?" I said "Yes, this is oregon." She said "Well, where is ballet?" It was a good thing It started not long after we arrived. In the last newsletter Brandy talked about how it makes her happy to see little girls in tights dancing around. I get the same joy. When Clara puts on those shoes she walks differently. In the last photo she is getting a butterfly stamp on her hand.

Backyard Picnic

The first photo is a view from our house. IBC root beer and shish kabobs for dinner in the back yard because it has been way too hot.

New Development

John is inches away from walking and he is almost pro at drinking from a cup. Spills happen when he gets to excited about the less then a centimeter of water.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Saturday, July 03, 2010


I wish I could go back and photograph all these places in film.

I blog because I like to photograph. I love to show people my photographs and this is a good way to do it. I also love to look at other peoples photographs and get inspired. At times I downright copy what I have seen other people do. I wonder if I could make an image like the one they created.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Portland Trees

Portland is an interesting city. Forest and City all in one. Trees just burst from the seams.

The Beatles

John and I play hide and seek. We laugh and giggle and roll around on the floor. He opens and shuts doors and drawers. My boy is so sweet!

Her head full of braids

We have a cute new friend that has her hair full of braids and beads. So last night while we were singing songs and telling poems I did as best I could to make her look like darling Raina. The result was not comparible but it is fun to stroke my finger on her soft braids. Also there is something about Clara's eyes and lips and expression in that first photo that stands out to me. I am not sure what it is...


We have really hit the ground running! We went to Bald Hill trail to go a walk and look at the cows and throw rocks in the creek. The scenery was beautiful. The cows were in a different area so we saw them a ways off. Even though Coleman was a good example Clara did NOT want to get in the creek. Tears were shed on account of her getting her feet wet. John put everything in his mouth that he could fit. It is a tricky habit of his. After months and months of me saving his life every day he now complies happily to me doing swipes to get "What was that?" out of his mouth. We went to Loni house afterwards for her homemade pizza, salad, watermelon, and peanut butter cookies! A good time was had by all. Lets do it again!