Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Portland Chinese Gardens

I particularly like the Chinese garden because we got to learn a little bit more about Chinese culture and style. I didn't know that Chinese people don't like to see the whole view rather they like to see a little bit a time. Also they belief that demons can only walk in strait lines so they have zigzag walk ways so philosopher can think and ponder. I think this last photo looks like wrapping paper.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oregon Gardens

We stopped by the Oregon Gardens in Silverton. They were very beautiful but ended up making Dad, Kelly, and Lauren sniffle from the pollen.


At Newport we went on the ship Discovery, a commical boat that gives tourists the opportunity to go out on the ocean on a crab boat of sorts and look for whales, sea lions and other things. On the way they show you how to fish for crabs. The first photo show my sister Lauren and my brother James holding dead fish to put in the trap. We caught several and played with them. Later in the week we brought one home and ate it. The legs are the best part.

Cape Perpetua

This Cape was named Perpetua because when Capitan Cook was sailing around the west coast they got in a storm and they perpetually came back to this same Cape. I am sure they got really tired of seeing it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sea Lions

On our first official day in Oregon we went around to many of the Parks that included the biggest Sea Lion cave in the world. It is normally packed with them. You can't look into it directly unless you are on a boat of course so they built a elevator so you can view them in the cave. They don't allow flash photography and you have to shoot through a changed fence but I kind of like the long exposure. I wish I would have had a tripod....


On the 15, the Thursday before we left for Oregon I spent the day with my niece Hailey. She is 5. We had a great time. We had lunch, played clue with some new rules that I didn't know, played on PBS kids online, put make-up on each other (as you see in the first photo) and swung on the tire swing. I get sick on them so I did the pushing. She got a little sun burnt and cried when she play anymore.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Baby James

This is my new little nephew James. He is really cute and sweet. He sleeps a lot and look so much like his Dad, Kip and all the Denning boys. It is great to have him in the family!

Mom's Garden

These are some photographs taken in my Mom's garden. She works so hard to make it look so nice and it has really payed off.