Monday, May 06, 2019

Easter in Kolob

 Kolob is so fun and different. We had a picnic and egg hunt. We went on a fun hike and saw an owl. I enjoyed seeing cousins and letting the kids roam around a bit. It has been a good change but still preserves the spirit of the celebration. The place is improtant, but more important is the people and time. I love Easter!

Storehouse Meeting

I always feel the spirit at this meeting. I love all my family so much. I am glad to be a part of this family circle.

Banana Cream Pie

We got Kelly a deep freeze to go hand in hand with the smoker he got for Christmas. It really has been a delicious several months. Kelly is the best! God only know what i'd be without him.

Tea Party

With all of Margaret's talk about party preparations, Eliza wanted to through one of her own. She has a darling little tea party where she set the table and served all her little girly friends. It was so so so cute!

Early Spring

A Gap

This missing tooth has been a joy to gaze at every day!

Margaret's 7th Birthday Party

The day March arrived Margaret started to plan this party. I am so glad we have a wonderful planner. She thought about who she would invite and thought about where she wanted her friends to sit. she knew what she wanted to serve, pizza and rootbeer! She designed the invitations and picked the colors. She really put her heart into this party. And it really showed. They had such a nice time. and we love love our 7 year old! 

Marie 7 months

This girls is growing fast. She is sitting up. Eating all sorts of food. She had her first ride in a park swing and loved loved it! She is a calming presence. It is easy to be her mom. Our family is so so blessed. 
For "Come Follow Me" we often act out sceens from the Saviors life. Then we watch them!

Monday, April 08, 2019


Eliza really likes order, just like John. She has been having more naps lately and I am glad. She really needs the rest. We have happy times and it seems like she is smarter and more happy and herself. We sure love little Eliza.

Marie 6 months

I am the happiest Mom.  Marie has started solid foods and has really been wonderful.  She started on Cream of Wheat and really didn't like it. Right now she eats so well but it seems like I give her a bite and she spits out half . I put I back in and she eats it no problem. We just love love this little girl.