Friday, September 28, 2007

Cupcake Hoodie

On Wednesday the 26th Clara learned to roll over! She can do a 180* and back. She doesn't do it all the time, just once in a while. They say when they start to roll over that is when they learn to sit up.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Locked out

I go on walks with Clara. One day we set out with my camera and a water bottle at around 11 am, planning to come back at 12, and didn't come back until about 5:00 pm. By the time Kelly came and got me from Aunt Non's I was very beat and very hungry.Clara and I had walked around the neighborhood and took some photos of homes. This is one of my favorite homes here in Pocatello. Even though I think it probably is small, I don't think I would mind living in that house.

New Outfit

Clara is getting ready for Halloween. She really likes the new outfit that Aunt Non got for her. The dress on the witch flips up to reveal orange shorts. Clara is likes to play with it.