Thursday, July 01, 2010


We have really hit the ground running! We went to Bald Hill trail to go a walk and look at the cows and throw rocks in the creek. The scenery was beautiful. The cows were in a different area so we saw them a ways off. Even though Coleman was a good example Clara did NOT want to get in the creek. Tears were shed on account of her getting her feet wet. John put everything in his mouth that he could fit. It is a tricky habit of his. After months and months of me saving his life every day he now complies happily to me doing swipes to get "What was that?" out of his mouth. We went to Loni house afterwards for her homemade pizza, salad, watermelon, and peanut butter cookies! A good time was had by all. Lets do it again!


Madeline and Family said...

That was a lot of fun. I'm so glad you are in our group now.

Ann said...

What a fun playgroup! I'm so glad you've already made friends in Oregon and are out doing fun things. That pizza looks delicious, makes me think we should switch how we do playgroup here!