Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kelly's Birthday

If you ask me Kelly had a great birthday! He took Clara to Disneyland and rode all the little kid rides. Bought with his birthday money a Sleeping Beauty Fashion set for Clara. Came home and had dinner with the Evans. We ate ribs and the traditional blueberry pie, which were both disappointing. The ribs were tough and all fat, and the pie crust was too hard. The company was awesome. Way better then last year when I was out of town. I am still sorry about missing it.


Brett and Lisa said...

that is so sweet that he bought Clara a toy with his b-day money! what a dad!

MaryElla said...

I feel compelled right now to make a blueberry pie... mmmm! Happy Birthday Kelly!

Kass said...

Aunt Louise has a recipe for ribs that you boil them first and then barbecue, They're never tough. It's in my recipe file, if you're interested, ask Erin.

I think the ability to make pie crust skips a generation.. my mom makes it and Melissa does too I don't.

I love your pictures Sally. Your children are beautiful.