Sunday, April 03, 2011

Museum of Glass

While in Tacoma visiting my good friend Anita we went to the Museum of Glass. I thought it was a sign when the first piece we saw was of a broomstick from the Sorcerers Apprentice. We had listened to Dukas' music maybe 5 times on the drive up. John wasn't thrilled to sit in a stroller but was more than happy to run around in the puddles. Clara remembers watching them blow glass. Anita and Darwin seemed thrilled to be there. It seems like nothing could get them down.
An overcast rainy day combined with my DPI at 1600 made for blown out skies. The last photo reminds me of some M.C. Esher images (just kinda.)

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Michael and Anita said...

Sally, what fun! I love that last one of the kiddos on the stairs. They were in their element, huh? :) I love the one you sent me with the escalator escapade. Ha. :) I hadn't told Michael about that yet. That was funny, since we all survived. :) Thanks for coming! We had such a fun time with you guys!