Sunday, April 03, 2011

Frans SAM and Seattle

We had a great time in Seattle. I had never been to Frans before and it was tasty. Uncle Joe treated us and asked John if he liked the hot chocolate. He turned and said "Good!" right before I took the photo. I didn't even know he could say that word. The picture of the little girl is made out of chocolates. At the Seattle Art Museum we were impressed with the roll over display that they hung from the ceiling. John and Clara loved it. I loved it. We saw a Paul Revere piece of silver and had a Brit talk to us about Paul Revere and how "things change." I was impressed with how friendly the staff was and it was fun to have guards jump in and talk so freely. The family room was much needed for John's happiness. We ate at Pikes Place, and after some intense walking went up to the deck at Uncle Joe's firm and had a fantastic view of the needle and the harbor. Thanks Anita and Uncle Joe for a great day! We missed you Kelly.


Dawn said...

You guys seem to do such fun stuff! I love it!

Mary Ann said...

How fun! Looks like some cool exhibits.

Michael and Anita said...

So, I am just getting around to scrapbooking these fun days when you came up and I just wanted to say, thanks again for coming! It is so special to have a friend like you. THanks for being forgiving of all my thoughtless moments those days, too. Ha. Oh dear. (Sorry.) I had so much fun with you and your little guys. Hope we get to see you again soon! Not sure when, but sometime. Miss you! Hope you're doing well and that Kelly's feeling good about residency/Match/med school stuff coming up. I swear last week I had a real panic attack about it all. I think I've almost fully recovered, though. :) Phew. :)