Thursday, July 09, 2015


The snapshots are in chronological order.
There were ups and downs.
Downs: John was just shy of the height to get on Indiana Jones. It was a blow. Clara lost a five dollar bill and wasn't able to by cotton candy. Big Thunder Mountain was shut down. I didn't get cherries with my Mint Julep. The weather during the second half of the day.
Ups: We got into the park early. The weather during the first half of the day. This was Margaret's official first time so she got her silhouette and Mickey ears. We were all able to go on Storybook Ride, Small World, Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean together. The Dole Whip was so good! We met up with some of the Dennings and it really made the afternoon so fun. Watching the kids try to pull out the Sword in the Stone. Seeing Kelly, Clara, and John's faces when they came off Star Tours.  Hearing Margaret talk about going on the teacups when I was putting her to bed.
And much more. Over all we had a great time..

The attendant took the photo of Margaret and me with Tigger.

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