Friday, November 01, 2013

Salt Lake Trip

We had a great two days down in Salt Lake. Mom is always a wonderful host. Grandma, Aunt Kass, and Erin were there too so it was a fun full house. We had a wedding shower for Erin, did some shopping, and went to Cheese Cake Factory to celebrate Grandma's birthday.  Kelly and Dad went to the BYU Boise State football game. The children watched TV, rode bikes, and generally messed around.

I was talking to my Grandma and she mentioned how she likes to picnic up the mountains with friends. I told her that is exactly what I like to do!  My mom also talked about how once my Grandma Dorothy saved some plastic spoons and took them home because she thought they were sturdy. I have done the exact thing!
It is thrilling to me to see similarity's between myself and my Grandmothers. I hadn't given it much thought before. Now I feel closer to them and I like it.

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