Monday, June 24, 2013

Riding and Jumping

Riding days are fun days. It is an all around good day. Listen to an audio book on the drive, visit Grandma's house, ride a horse, jump on the tramp, nap on the way home.
Clara is getting better and steering and her hair is the same color as Buttermilk's.
John rides much longer then he used to. It used to be 5 minutes then get off. Now it is a good 30.

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Michael and Anita said...

The pic of Clara riding is beautiful! I am totally jealous--I haven't ridden since I was little! I'd probably be the 5-minuter right now (like John used to be). :)

We miss you guys! Been thinking of you a lot--working on catching up on our 2012 scrapbook and I am just doing some graduation pages. :) Hugs and love from Florida. We really miss you! Hope all is well!