Wednesday, June 12, 2013


All through the year Clara and Taryn have mailed letters back and forth to each other. John thought it was so cool now he writes to Derek too. Taryn and Derek are rock stars in our family!
Last year we went to Liberty Park and we were excited to do it again.
We went to Tracy Aviary. Booo... After I chocked at the price of getting in they broke the news that a dollar for every ticket I bought went to some "save the birds" charity.  I felt forced and tricked. I like choices! I would have said "No, not today." very politely but now I am complaining on my blog!
After the aviary we did the carnival rides. Tara and I were pleased to find out that because Fox News was doing a story on the park the rides were free! The children rode all the rides and the girls went on the swings three times. We were even on the news!
We ate and I saw my friend Andrea that I hadn't seen in 11 years. Then the children played in the 7 creeks fountain. It was a fun day. We love the McIlmoils so much! Let's make it an annual thing!

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