Saturday, September 29, 2012

To a New Baby

Isn't she the cutest! Looking and her mouth, cheeks, wrists and thinking of all the mushy gushy feelings I have for this girl, I am reminded of this poem by Stickland W Gillialan titled "To a New Baby."

Little kicking, cuddling thing,
You don't cry-- you only sing!
Blinking eyes and stubby nose,
Mouth that mocks the budding rose,
Down for hair, peach-blows for hands--
Ah-h-h-h! Of all the "baby-grands"
Any one could wish to see,
You're the finest one for me!

Skin as soft as velvet is;
God (when you were only his)
Touched you on the cheek and chin--
Where he touched are dimples in.
Creases on you wrists, as though
Strings were fastened 'round them so
We could tie you tight and keep
You from leaving while we sleep.

Once I tried to look at you
From a stranger's point of view;
You were red and wrinkled; then
I just loved, and looked again;
What I saw was not the same;
In my eyes the blessed flame
Of a father's love consumed
Faults to strangers' eyes illumed.

Little squirming, cuddling thing!
Ere you shed each angel wing,
Did they tell you you were sent
With a cargo of content
To a home down here below
Where they hungered for you so?
Do you know, you flawless pearl,
How we love our baby girl?


babbling on said...

That is delightful. Made me :)

Mary Ann said...

I love this poem. Thank you for sharing