Tuesday, September 04, 2012

1st Day of School

Clara is intelligent, articulate, capable, creative, exciting..... the list goes on and on. You will find her laughing and having a good time. She didn't know how ready (academically and socially) she was for school. Grown-ups kept asking her tons of questions about her feelings pertaining to school. She didn't quite know what to think so she was really weary about the first day. 
I over-estimated my time.
We forgot her backpack.
The car didn't start.
So, she was late!
I was mortified. My first time getting a child ready for school and I botched the whole thing.  I cried to my mom about losing my girl and ruining her school career. (I can be dramatic, but at least I know it!)
When I picked her up she was tight lipped and even had a good cry over not doing well at Ants in the Pants. But, by dinner time however, she exploded with info and excitement. When Kelly asked her how her day was she exclaimed "I loved it! I loved it! I loved it!" She communicated that when she was asked to tell something that she liked to see, or do, or eat, she replied that she like to "see parades." The other girls all said they like to "play with Barbies." She also said in her journal that "I was really nervous."

Amanda, FYI. She has a Braxton in her class!


Kevin, Amanda & Braxton said...

That is funny I am glad she liked school! I would like it more if she was in class with my Braxton!

Sally said...

I would too like that too! hope you are doing well.

dixon.mary said...

Love the first-day-of-school pictures! That's more important than being on time anyway.