Thursday, June 16, 2011

Solar Print Paper

During the last two days of walks (hikes?) we have kept little things here and there in an attempt to make some fun prints. I recall the first time I used this type of paper. It was at a three day camp called Mill Hallow. It is so fun to watch the paper go from blue to white to and then reverse itself. Clara wasn't interested in composing anything or waiting outside with it but she did enjoy rinsing it watching it change in the water.


rose... (~_^) said...

hi blogwalking... nice blog^_^

CarolineG said...

I used to love solar print paper! I loved experimenting with it when I first got into photography in 6th grade, I'll never forget how fascinated I was! Great to see you're conveying your passions to your daughter! Have you thought of making a pinhole camera with her?

All the best,


Jesus Spiced said...

Wow. Very cool.