Sunday, June 12, 2011

Play at the Park

I love Clara so much. When were were in the car driving back from her birthday party I asked her what her favorite part was and she said "playing with Sam, Marc, Taryn, Laura, Coralyn, Ruby, Riley etc...." That is her. She loves people and she knows that people are the most important.
We had two mishaps. One was that the strike anywhere matches wouldn't lite and Trisha kindly asked a stranger for a lighter. The other was that I forgot to pack a knife and so Kelly made one out of cardboard and a plastic bag. Good thing we were all stuffed with cookies. We are going to gloss over the fact that Clara cried for the second year in row when she was supposed to blow out the candles. Why? I have no idea. The other notable thing was that I counted 8 (no joke) eight other parties that were going on or set up for. In addition to the parties there were two baseball games. It was the day to be at the park.
I am grateful to Abby for consulting about the bubbles and Loni for consulting about the banners.

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Michelle Evans said...

happy birthday clara!