Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My Third Apartment

We have been really happy here. This apartment had a ton of windows which was so good. It was so light all the time. I am sad to leave California but glad to have the opportunity to live in Oregon. It should be a ton of fun.


Amy said...

Sally, I didn't know you were moving to Oregon! We just got back from a vacation there. It's beautiful, and I can only imagine the awesome photos you'll take while living there.

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos you sent to us in the mail. I let Jane open them and she LOVED them and wants to hang them in her room right away...with tape. :) I told her a nice friend must have heard she lost a tooth and sent her a special surprise! Thanks a million.

Caranna said...

Moving is always hard, but I love Oregon! It is so green and lovely, I am sure that your photographer's eye will go crazy capturing all of the beauty there.
We love you and wish you luck in your new adventure!

Kass said...

Have you gone already? I know you'll love Oregon and they'll love you - you're like that. I love your blog, i usually get on in from someone else's.

Good luck to you! Love you, Aunt Kass