Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Three Seasons

I thought this photo was funny thinking of the different seasons. A beautiful fall tree, the white Christmas tree and the the palm tree all out on the yard. Only in Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this photo. Way to capture the moment. Hope all is well!

Tricia G said...

That's hilarious! You'll only see more of that in Cali!

Anonymous said...

Is that Aunt Mare's house? It kindof looks like it. It looks like you had fun while you were down there. I wish we could have gone.

Thank you for the balls CD. I have them printed and we will hang them this weekend when we get hooks. You will have to come over and look at them when you are up. Also, will you be able to take pictures of the new baby. Not lots, but some? I would love it if you could..See you next weekend!

Sally said...

You are so right Tricia.