Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mt. Baldy

The last several Wednesdays Clara and I have been getting together with my good friend Michelle and her son Coleman. We have gone swimming, had dinner together and gone to Bonelli Park. Today we went to a waterfall by Mt. Baldy. Coleman started playing in the water no problem but Clara never really warmed up to it. Actually she was only really happy eating snacks on my lap and playing at there house. So no cute photos of her getting soaked, only Colman! He is so fun and adventuresome. Thanks for showing us around Michelle!


patti said...

Lucas has that same little tent in his room (gotta love Ikea). Clara looks so sweet!

Michelle Evans said...

cute pictures! you're so talented, sally! thanks for hanging out with us! it's always a good time! i've got a couple cute pictures of you and clara - i'll have to burn you a cd or we could swap them on the guys' laptops sometime. anyway, thanks for loads of fun! we're looking forward to lots more adventures! have fun with your mom! :)