Friday, September 19, 2008

Pj Mornings

It has been fun taking photos of Clara in her new pajamas. Maybe a little too much fun. In the morning Kelly normally gets up with her and feeds her breakfast. When they are done with that he brings her into our room and has her pounce on me to wake me up. I jump every time. She used to play for an hour or longer in her room alone but now won't have it. She still can't get enough of books and I hope she will never loose that. She is nice to be around and hug even though the last photo (I call it "No love") doesn't show it.


patti said...

Mornings are the best with the little ones! They're just so happy! It's too bad I can't be.

Caranna said...

I like the one of Claira in the crib, so cute! Aren't Daddy's wonderful! Ours gets up with the boys and feeds them so I can sleep a little longer.

Heath Family said...

Very cute PJ's. I love PJ's and there are some days I could stay in them for hours and not get dressed at all!

Schwabs said...

Ooh, I love the pics. My favorite is that last one - so is so cute!

Regan and Annie Duckworth said...

I had no idea you lived in California now. How fun! Your little girl is so cute I can't believe it.

Sally Anderson said...

This is a poem that Kelly wrote for me that I think applies to these photos.

Every morning I wake up and sigh
Clara is beating her crib on the wall
should I stay here and let her cry
or make Sally wake up and she'll take the fall

As you have determined, I do let her snooze,
I get up and take clara down for some food,
but soon the times gone, I have none left to loose
so upstairs I go and, not meaing to be rude

I take my dear clara, and trudge to the room,
I squint through the darkness, I peer throught he gloom
and see sally snoring and clara says "that"
and clara goes flying and lands with a pat

Onto my sally, who awakes with a squeek
and off to the shower I go with a shriek.