Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Golden Birthday

 When Margaret was three Clara came home from school and started talking about "golden birthdays." This is coming from elementary students so it is not a 50th birthday like I assumed. Rather, a Golden birthday is a the birthday that falls on the day of the month you were born. For example. I was born on the 1st so my golden birthday was when I was one year old. Margaret was enchanted..he excitement was unbearable till her golden birthday! "When would this blessed day occure?" was the question on this impatient 3 year old. Alas, 26 more years was the reality.

She also loves the Bernstein Bears! We read multiple every day to her. One book is called Bernstein Bears and the Golden Rule. In it, Sister gets a golden locket for her birthday with the golden rule engraved on it. Margaret wanted one and that is definatly something I can get behind.

Throwing rules to the wind like dust we planned a gold themed party! Maggie loved it. She got a locket of her very own, some more Bernstein Bear books, and served water in her tea set she painted herself. A happy day for our 5 year old!

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