Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Washington DC

We visited Thomas, Andrew and Ben. They are doing well. Joseph and Brigham are doing well too! We enjoyed the Air and Space Museum, the Botanical Gardens, Sculpture garden Library of Congress, and other monuments and museums.
 Kristen hung out with me the first two days. She was so kind to go along with my agenda. I loved getting to know her more. I love that she is friends with my dear Mary Anne.
We also walked to the nearest church building for sacrament meeting on Sunday. I believe Capital Hill First Ward. It is worth mentioning because I was so impressed with their mothers room! They had a beautiful lamp that set the mood, a plant, throw blankets on the chairs, and it smelled so nice. What a conscientious women that made that space better! I want to be like her!
I love Washington DC! Mostly free and so educational.

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