Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Only Boy

Before Eliza was born John and I talked once and briefly about how we were hoping for a boy. I mentioned the possibility that the baby might be a girl. He was so good natured about it and said "If the baby is a girl that will be ok." and that was the end of it. Well Eliza turned out to be a girl as we can see. When we told John that it would be a girl he kindly said "Oh. Well. That is ok." and that was the end of it again. But as time went by he heard more and more people mention that he was going to be the only boy. They mad it seem like a bad thing that he was going to have a bunch of sisters and that he wouldn't have a brother. By the time Eliza was three months old it was John that was mentioning in a dejected way, that he was the only boy.
The truth of it is that John is not suffering. He loves his sisters dearly. And they love him in return. John is ever so sweet to Eliza and continually wants to hold and entertain her. He plays with Clara so well. John reads daily to Margaret and generally have a great time together. 
The first photograph is of John drawing the picture below of Eliza. I think he captured her well.
The third is of Clara and John collaborating on a card for Kelly and me.
The next is a napkin that I found lying around.
The last is the mobile that John helped me make for Eliza.
I hope the commenting will go away with time but it is possible it won't. We don't get to choose our siblings but In the end I am glad that I know his first real and true feelings.They are inclusion, kindness, and love. What a boy!   

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