Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eliza's Blessing

 It was wonderful to have so much family at Eliza's sweet blessing. Thanks to all. We love all our family. Yes Shannon, you are family. We are grateful for the priesthood and we have a chance to use it in our lives. There is nothing like seeing a bunch of men blessing a tiny baby. Eliza was fussy before and after but not during. It was a tender mercy. We had chicken salad sandwiches for lunch per the suggestion of Ben and lots of other good food. It was a nice busy day. We love Eliza so much.


Carissa said...

So sweet! You're family is beautiful.

Sally said...

Carissa! I see your fun instgram stuff and facebook. I can't get on your blog anymore. I remember your blog went private but I think there was some problem with the link. can I get again. :)