Sunday, October 06, 2013

Quite Reading

The advice" If children are given a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes per day to read books of their own choosing, standardized test scores should increase, on average, 20 percent." was giving to me when I was just a new mother. With that in mind and a desire of my own to have peace and quite we have for about a year now had Quiet Reading. Clara and John can recite to rules.
No Talking
No Getting Up
One Book at a Time
Read Happily
At the early stages we started with three minutes. Over time we worked our way up. I think 17 min stuck for a bit. Now we are 25 min plus and often times the timer goes off and they don't notice and read for another 10 min or so.  It is so tranquil.
This little photo op was not during real quite reading, so I was not breaking the rules!


Jaime said...

I should do that. Then I would get to read something too. :)

Whitney said...

My favorite rule: read happily!

Sally said...

The children get a kick out of that rule too Whitney!