Thursday, August 15, 2013

Four, Goodness Sakes!

 John had a fun day! We went to the Bannock County Fair with the Downeys as an activity. We saw goats, baked goods, tall sunflowers, horses, produce, a bloated calf, bad photos, Vanessa's beautiful quilt, and a ventriloquist show! In the photo John is eating a bag of ice-cream that he made by shaking it. The fair was darling, free, and we will go again next year.
 John is so many wonderful things. It is a pleasure to watch him grow. I like the things he creates and I like to see him dance. Aunt Non gave him a card that was a "singing four" and John produced a new dance. When he put on his new backpack he did another new little bounce that compelled me to grab him and hug him to mush. While he was putting on the show the little girls were in the kitchen sneaking cake.
About the cake, John wanted chocolate and rainbow so I did my best to make those desires work. We discovered we were out of candles so we used shish kabob sticks.
Later that night at bed time we talked about his birth and his past birthdays and how he has grown and changed. John brings a lot of honor and love to our family. We couldn't do without him.


Jaime said...

What a fun day! Sorry we missed out. We've used toothpicks for candles for Ashtyn's last 2 birthdays.... :) Hope to see you soon. Have fun on your vacation!

Michelle Evans said...

I can't believe he's 4!! Where has the time gone? Hope you're all doing well. Miss you lots!