Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lily to Birds to Little House in the Big Woods

Another type of lily and some Bleeding Heart leafs.
When I was taking the photo of the lily I started to hear a whole bunch of chirping. I turned around and saw cat run between our house and our neighbors house. Chasing it away was a bird diving strait at it. After the cat was gone the bird circled around an took two more passes at me. It wasn't hard to get the message that he wanted me far away. But I was curious and stood on my porch for a while just to watch him. He darted all over, and it wasn't long till he made two more pass so close that I felt like I was in the Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. I supposed he was guarding his nest?
Speaking of birds, I just finished a book that my sister recommended by Gary D. Schmidt called Okay For Now. So good! Each chapter has the tone of, and alludes to paintings done by John James Audubon (Lisa, please tell Emilia about it. I think she would like it). At a point in the story, the 8th grade protagonist has to read 5 bedtime stories to each of the 5 children in the family that he babysits.  I quote:
"Polly had this book about a house in a forest where Laura lives with Pa and Ma and her sisters, you'd be surprised how good this was, especially considering that nothing happens."
It quote was fun for me to read because the book it is referencing is Little House in the Big Wood and we are listening to it currently in the car! I love it when life connects like that. What are the odds that the book that I was reading would allude to the book to which we are currently listening?

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