Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big Day

 When I signed Clara up for ballet and violin I never thought that the two would collide into one huge day. Dance rehearsal, matinée, group photos, and a violin recital to end with. Clara really stepped up and performed well under a surprising amount of pressure. During the dance Clara said she made one mistake, but what I saw was leadership and poise. All the girls looked to her to know what to do. She now wishes she would have done tap too like some of the other little girls.
She was so tired right before the violin recital. But when an unexpected friend Brylee showed up to watch her sister, Clara brightened up and played her best ever! She had perfect posture and was the only one to take a bow after her piece was done. We are proud of Clara and all of her accomplishments!


Amy said...

So beautiful!

Jaime said...

She looks so cute in her ballet outfit! :)

Madeline and Family said...

How talented and beautiful she is. I can't believe how much is going on with our lives. I am so glad that you keep up with your blog. :)