Monday, March 04, 2013

Idaho Natural History Museum

We loved going to the Idaho Natural History Museum last Friday. They has a fun children's room that had awesome puzzles, masks, bones, rocks,  a fun weaving board, etc.  Clara and Ashtyn are a cute pair and John and Corrine try to keep up. We also headed over to the art gallery that was in the bottom of the fine art building. I was underwhelmed.  Maybe they will get something worth looking at the next time we go?  I loved that the afternoon was free, close, and full of movement. But the best part was having some friends to go and do something with.  Thanks Jamie!


Jaime said...

Fun day indeed! :)

Caranna said...

Does this mean you're back in Pocatello? Or were you just visiting? (Forgive me if you've already covered this, it's been a while since I did anything in the blog-o-sphere.)