Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Christmas

Christmas was so fun. This is what made ours special.

  Kelly suprising us and getting home before the children were in bed rather than at midnight! I have never heard John scream so loudly or happily.
 We had a little program and sang lots of songs.
Magaret looked cozy in the same pj's that Clara wore on her first Christmas.
The children didn't stop eating ribbon candy all christmas.
Cold and beautiful snow.
I made a yule log. The meringue mushroom were delicious and darling. The cake roll was not. ( I am planning on making jelly rolls all this year to practice.) I made and used clarified butter (I had never even heard of that.) I also made real buttercream (my goodness!!!)
We had a lovely dinner with Aunt Rhonda.

 John said it all when while were writing in his journal I asked him "What was the best part about Christmas?" He replied "Having Dad here."


supertosha said...

I am so happy Kelly made it home! I have wondered how that would turn out for months since you told me about his Boise rotation in December! Hugs and Kisses from the Williams in Ohio!

Michelle Evans said...

2428 elfseis:) so glad! sounds wonderful! we had our daddy home too. it was the best gift. miss you. love you,