Thursday, January 05, 2012


When John first would go to the park, I could not entice him to get on a swing no matter how hard I tried. Then Dad came to the park with us, and John could swing if he sat on Dad's lap. The next time we went to the park Dad put him on the swing and started small. John was just fine and pretty soon swinging like a pro. Now when I take him he is so happy. I have a hundred photos with the cutest, biggest smiles on his face, all out of focus. Dad is awesome!

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Jude's Mommy said...

These pictures are AMAZING. The quality is wonderful and the colors just sort of pop out. Obviously you know this, with a degree in photography! I just wanted to let you know that you do wonderful work, and I'm completely jealous. I love taking pictures, myself, but have not yet been able to take any courses. Definitely going to invest in some this fall.

Your blog is really interesting, too. I love reading about families, as I now have a little one of my own.