Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Halloween this year was a blast. We had a family in our ward that we have become friends with, the Greaves, come over. While Kelly and Paul held down the fort and frightened off potential T-P-ers, we went out and let the kids practice a form of hunter-gather lifestyle that is only practiced in candyland. We were unsure of the weather as it had rained earlier that day, but the weather held. John was so cute! He would say "trick or treat" so quickly and when asked what his costume was, he would proudly respond "PIDER!" without hesitation(he had changed from the monkey to the spider). There was one house that had a man in a mask that entranced Clara. She was frozen and would not move or break eye contact with the man as he acted ghoulish in the background. I was so happy to be there and that he was kind enough to remove his mask to show Clara it was a regular person. As we were walking around, I was amazed to see the batmobile drive by. With batman driving. I kid you not. I wish I had my camera with me. Someone had built a car to look exactly like the batmobile and was driving around in it. It was so cool. I wish Kelly had been out to see it. Finally we returned home for pumpkin pie. I was so happy to see the kids get just as excited to hand out candy as they were to be given it. All in all, a wonderful halloween despite the sugar hangover the kids had the following day!


patti said...

Halloween really is the best with little kids. When they turn eight they start to get a little ungrateful when trick or treating and want to dress up as something awful and gross. Enjoy the sweetness and the mom approved cute costumes!

Carol Steel 5050 said...

Just happened upon your blog and have to say that your photos are exquisite, so enchanting!