Monday, March 28, 2011

My Children

In an effort to be fair I am posting a photo of each of them. I keep thinking that one of them might think, "I love the other more because so-in-so has more photos on the blog." With regards to the photo of Clara, Kelly commented that she is hichhiking while I though, "Why did the Clara cross the road?" John is standing on his changing table saying "cheese." I think it is amazing that he automatically knows to say it and to stay still. He is a good boy.


Kristin said...

Great pictures!

Ella said...

What cute kids!!! Love Clara's sweet little sweater.

I worry about the same thing- I know how hard Patti and I used to both try to get mom to divulge who was her favorite! I know I don't take the same pains to be as 'fair' as she did.