Monday, August 30, 2010

Bob, Not the Tomato

My friend Amy posted about her children's swimming teacher. How wonderful he was and how great of a time they had. I can echo all her praises for Clara swim teacher as well. He was awesome! Clara started out really hesitant and would shiver 2 min after getting in the pool (the water was warm.) By the end she was very comfortable and learned a lot. I had a great time not only watching Clara but the three other students in her class. Bob knew how to help each of them and took the time and gave them the attention that they needed. One little boy did particularly well. On the last day of class they got to go down the slide (which all them them didn't like) and ride in a canoe in the pool.

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Amy said...

I love these photos! The kids' faces are priceless. Hooray for awesome swim teachers. Bob looks like he's having fun, too! Your pictures turned out so great with the terrible lighting in an indoor pool.