Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ice Skating

Today was Clara's last day of ice skating before we move. One of the many reasons I am sad to leave. Ice skating is really not as easy as it looks and she has made a lot of progress. She has had two fun ice skating friends Bianca and Malinda. Malinda is pictured here. I have learned a lot about Clara watching her out on the ice. I hope that it will be a fun thing for Clara to remember doing.


Anonymous said...

Sal she looks so cute on the ice. I love her outfit. Is she going to be the next Sasha Cohen? :)

It was so nice to chat with you today. Thank you for thinking of me and calling.

Love you~

dixon.mary said...

I love your pictures!!
Gold medal in 2022?

supertosha said...

So cute, and what a fun activity for a little girl! Your pictures are always able to capture the sweetest moments in such a beautiful way!

Where and why are you moving?

Wish Kelly good luck on his boards!

Michael and Anita said...

Cute. :)

La Mujer Loca said...

Good luck with the move. Hope all goes well.