Friday, October 30, 2009


Kelly bought a Yeast for Clara and decided to by "Anthrax" for John. They speculate that anthrax caused the 5th and 6th plagues from the Old Testament. Anthrax normally infects the skin and is rarely fatal. However, if it is inhaled or ingested it can be deadly. There are vaccines for it but if you are exposed with out a vaccination they say antibiotics combat it effectively.

Do you ever feel like Anthrax is staring you in the face?


Robin said...

Who knew that little puff ball could be so scary looking! I feel like it's staring into my soul!

Schwabs said...

Hehe - these little germy stuffed things are so funny! Nate actually does get the anthrax vaccine regularly. He says it does not feel good, but I'm sure it feels better than anthrax.

Wendy Blocker said...

Those are so cute! What a funny idea.