Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving was beautiful. We gather the family, dress up, use china, sing songs and have traditional food. It is truly ideal. I love watching the turkey trot but alas, the boys weren't there to show off. We each wrote what we were thankful for and then had a little guessing game trying to figure out who wrote what. Grateful to Aunt Kass and Aunt Mar for there hospitality, work and generosity.

As we gather together this Thanksgiving to ask the Lord's blessings, as we of whatever faith we are to give praises to His name, let us thank Him for our peace, prosperity, and freedom. Happy Thanksgiving!" - Pres. Ronald Reagan

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MaryElla said...

Looks like a picturesque Thanksgiving. I'm glad you had a good one. Next year we'll see the Turkey Trot!