Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have been making these Popsicles a lot here in Rancho Cucamonga. It is hot and they are a nice treat to cool down with. Lots of flavor and a nice texture. My good friend Sam Hardcastle gave me the recipe. If your kids need a cool snack they will love these.

1 small packages of Jello (If you have the large packages double everything else)
1 package of Kool Aid
1 cup sugar
2 cups hot water
2 cups cold water

Combine Jello, Kool Aid, sugar and hot water and stir till completely dissolved. Pour and stir in cold water. Pour into form and let freeze. Run under hot water when pulling from form. Have fun doing different combinations of Jello and Kool Aid. Thanks Sam!


Mitch, Tricia, & Carter J said...

You are so creative. I love how you can make something as simple as a picture of a whisk look so stunning!

Anonymous said...

Yummy!!! Will you put that recipe on the cooking blog? What are the best combo's for the jello/kool-aid?

The Tomkinsons, Neil and Roxy said...

My sis in law also makes popsicles, you should try making a smoothie with frozen fruit in the blender then putting it in your popsicle containers it is very yummy:)

Sally Anderson said...

sounds fabulouse Roxy! I think I will try it!

Lib, you can sure put it on your blog no problem. I think I like cherry Jello with lemonade Kool aid.

Caranna said...

Sam gave me some of those Popsicles last time we were at her house! And you're right, they're pretty awesome! I wasn't so sure about all the red food coloring and my three kids, but we were having a pool party, so they just rolled around in the water a bit and they went home just a little on the pink side.