Sunday, August 26, 2007

GHS ' 02 5 year Class Reuion

On Saturday we had a Luau for our reunion. Is was sunny and hot. They roasted a pig and had a dancing contest. The pig was very good. It was fun to see people and help out. It is kind of funny to look back and remember what it was like and how people are different. I hope I am a little different too. I made some mistakes but had a lot of good moments and fun times. I had to take off early to take care of my daughter but Colette, Val, and Shannon (Left to right) came over for a little bit and talked with me. I was really glad I went!

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Regan & Annie Duckworth said...

I am so jealous. I miss you girls. It really is so crazy to see how everyone has changed (or not changed) isn't it? I am glad that you got to go and that you had a good time.