Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Arrival

Not another photo this time. Sorry about that. I do have some news though. Kelly and I are expecting a baby in mid-June. I am really excited! Anyway, I should have a camera by Christmas!! I am really excited for that too!


darren said...

Congratulations Sally. That is really exciting

Sally Anderson said...

about the baby or the camera? :)

darren said...

The baby of course, but the camera will be pretty sweeet as well.

Tyler said...


Kids Rock!

Dad said...

It was great having you both for Christmas. Thanks for all you contributed to a wonderful celebration. Thanks for the gifts and the chores you did aroung the house. The burgandy pillow fits so well and looks great. And I love the white shirt! It doesn't seem very creative or flashy to you but it's the item I need/like the best! Thanks.
So sorry you had to return home so quickly. Besides not being with you, who's going to finish eating all this left over food?
Glad that you're feeling better during your pregnancy. You look great.... and you even act fairly good! We're so excited about the baby.
The camera is great! I'm excited for you. But your poor baby! It will have so many photos taken of it. Every of its moves will be photo-documented even more than Tate's!
See you soon.

darren said...

So, you got the camera? new blog post?