Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pioneer Day

Kelly and I spent the 24th of July weekend down in Salt Lake. We went to Becca and Jared Belcher's wedding and saw lots of friends. Monday we went to Mirror Lake to have a picnic and canoe. We really enjoyed it and decided that when we can, we will buy a canoe as well.


Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful to see you at the wedding! I love the close up picture of the flower. You are a pro at taking pictures of flowers. I like the bright colors in the bubble picture, it looks so happy!

Sally Anderson said...

Thanks Val!
It was good to see you as well! I miss you and want to see you soon. Kelly and I want to go tubing at Lava Hot Springs sometime in Augest. I was wondering if you and Brandt would want to come?

Tyler said...

I love your floral images too. How is Pocatello treating you? I kinda liked it there, we lived on the south end, by Ross park.

Sally Anderson said...

Pocatello is ok. I don't have a job yet and I don't have a camera so I am kind of board. We live down on the south end too. We live on Benton if you know where that is.