Saturday, April 22, 2006

Paladium/Platinum Prints

For photo history I did a series of 7 still lifes of plants that were up in the greenhouse here on campus. I attempted to do them with real 4x5 negatives but it had so many problems that I just broke down and did them digitally. I printed of digital negavites using a special type of transpareny called pictorico. Then I painted on a paladium solution onto a watercolor type of paper. Then exposed it to uv light and develped it. I really liked the brush strokes and I was pleased with how the yellow stain came out. I got an A on the project


Jon said...

Very beautiful. Just be careful that the brush strokes don't become more important then the photograph. I don't think it is a problem in this photograph because the subject is very strong. But other subjects I could see that happening.

Keep up the good work.

Want to do a print trade?

Sally Anderson said...

i will do a print trade. which one would you like?

Tyler said...

I love the print you traded me. I can't wait to matte & frame it! Just gotta build a few more frames, but that is in the works.

Sally Anderson said...

I am so pleased you like it. I sure love the photo you let me have of Credence, i still don't know what i am going to do with it but i am glad to have it just the same.